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Dobrosław Żybort is a serious Gopher who loves pushing code. Dobrosław is a fulltime hacker who works best late at night (around 9 pm).

Dobrosław's developer personality is very similar to Damian Gryski's but Damian is less of a Go aficionado. There is also an uncanny similarity between Dobrosław's activity stream and those of Kevin Darlington, Otto Bretz, Archs, and Ralph Caraveo III.

It seems like Dobrosław is—or should be—friends with Tengu Saruta. With this in mind, it's worth noting that Tengu is more of a CSS aficionado. There is also an obvious connection between Dobrosław and Jamie Peter Goodwin, Tony.Shao, shunwang, and spuranam.

These days, Dobrosław is most actively contributing to the repositories: pksunkara/alpaca, matrixik/alpaca, visualfc/liteide, sx-mirror/sx, and matrixik/mangadownloader.


The two following graphs show Dobrosław Żybort's average weekly and daily schedules. These charts give significant insight into Dobrosław's character as a developer. The colors in the charts indicate the fraction of events that are watching, pushes, issue comments, new issues, and pull requests.

Note: an attempt has been made to show these plots in in the correct timezone (based on Dobrosław's location listed on their GitHub profile) but this procedure is imperfect at best.

We already know that Dobrosław loves pushing code but the following chart sheds some light onto what Dobrosław does with their open source time. In the full event stream analyzed for this report, there are a total of 903 events recorded for Dobrosław. The colors in the pie chart below indicate the number of events that are watching, pushes, issue comments, new issues, and pull requests.

Dobrosław has contributed to repositories in 19 languages. In particular, Dobrosław seems to be a pretty serious Go expert. The following chart shows the number of contributions Dobrosław made to repositories mainly written in Go, C, C++, PHP, and JavaScript.

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